Jaime Lueders, Owner/Photographer

3100 Sutton Blvd., Maplewood, mo 63143


Jaime earned a Bachelors degree and Teaching Certificate in Middle School Science in 2011.  Her photography career began as a young girl in 4-H and Girl Scouts.  She has since had many jobs working for professional photography organizations.  Three years ago, she opened her own photography business operating out of her house.  Over these past three years she has seen the need for education on the new art of digital photography, especially in our youth.  She is happy to offer an educational facility on the art of digital photography to our youth and to support them as they grow to become professional photographers or hobbyists.

Photography has been around for a thousand years.  The industry is constantly growing and evolving.  Digital cameras become more complex every day.  Amber Sky LLC offers a family feel to teach the youth how to use their digital camera at a professional level, while allowing them a professional facility to take pictures.  Amber Sky LLC plans to continue to grow with the digital industry and continue to teach our youth and upcoming photographers how to use their digital photographic equipment at the professional level.